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Looking for a REAL racing experience? With our special tailored Arrive and Drive programs available for any age group and class racing local, regional, and nationally we can put together a program just for you. From Kid Kart at 5 years old and cadet to Junior and Senior categories, with our race ready turn-key packages fit for you all you have to do is show up and the hard work is done by us. Take it easy and have a fun racing!

One of our most prominent services that we offer to drivers is our Driver Coaching and Development program. We can setup private one-on-one dedicated driver coaching sessions with one of our driving professionals at one of our local track. Being a home track to Pole Position Motorsports, you are able to take advantage of our expertise by allowing us to instruct you on everything from racing lines, brake / throttle application, cornering, and more! Not only do we offer our driver coaching services locally but at all of the events that we attend.



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