Our kart racing school puts your child behind the wheel of racing karts capable of up to 3 G in the corners and 60 mph on the straights.
They will learn how to handle these machines on one of the most technical kart circuits in the world. This program is tailored to suit your child driving ability, with a comprehensive foundation in karting and introducing more advanced driving techniques as they progress.
Whether you’re looking to launch a brand new racing career or just craving some adrenaline-fueled fun, Pole Position’s Kid racing Academy is an experience like no other.

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First Time Driver

Basic Instruction on & off track
Safety Equipment and how to use it
Track Procedures, Polices & Best Practices
Driving Line (lead follow), Steering, Braking, Accelerating  
This program offers extensive off track training and preparation prior to getting on track.  
Focus is on safely operating a kart, track rules & procedures. The “First Time Driver” program is required for all first time Kid Kart rentals. 

Intermediate Program

 Track walk/ride with instruction
Track side coaching & evaluation
 Possible follow/lead or follow exercises
Classroom track, controls, and driving instruction
Video evaluation

Advanced Program

Braking, accelerating, steering, body posture
Geometric line and line recovery
Passing Strategy
Threshold braking
Race Craft 
Do’s and Don’ts of safe race driving