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We offer F4 car test days: seated in the open-wheel racing car, held in place by sturdy harnesses, dressed in a racing suit, shoes and helmet, supervised by our pro driver, you will be crazy about exceptional sensations. You are driving in the footsteps of F1 champions!

Enjoy the powerful acceleration and reach the 140MPH and over 4G’s of centrifuge force on corners and braking.

This car is ultra-light (1250 LBS) and offers an incredible power-to-weight ratio.

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The F4 American Championship was launched in 2014.

 It has been developed for young racing riders to take the first step in the world of racing.

The F4 car was designed to provide an affordable step between karts and F3 reducing costs while providing an ideal learning tool for young drivers who have never raced open-wheel before.

The series offers a set of exciting driving races through the most prestigious and well known circuits in the US.

This is the fastest way for an ambitious driver to gain experience and feel in the context of international racing. 

With frequent driving training, serious work, and thanks unmatched affordability, competitors can grow and succeed in the highest levels of motorsport.

You want to race the F4 US championship with us? Let’s talk about it.

Winning races requires work, commitment and dedication.

We will guide you on your way to victory: our program includes frequent training on and off the track.

We provide a state-of-the-art technological equipment to recreate the sensations of the circuit, on professional simulators.  

Set to your size, you are immersed into the simulator that recreate the real conditions of all the official F4 series circuits. Accompanied by your coach, you will be able to do laps over and over again, work on curves and trajectories, perfect your positioning on the track. 

We have installed two simulators side by side, so that you can reproduce your coach’s instructions, or race with/against him.

Our simulators are the top of the line with direct drive wheel, load cell brake pedals and triple monitor or VR. We provide driving experience and coaching on the most realistic simulation like iRacing and Asseto Corsa.

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