Tired of slow indoor go-kart ? Come race with us on real national tracks!


You’re going to have an amazing day, and fun with friends and family, following in the footsteps of a pro kart driver.

We have more than 30 karts, for all levels of racing. Whether you are experienced or novice, even for a first initiation session, we have the right kart for you.

From Kid Kart at 5 years old , cadet to Junior and adult categories, our race ready turn-key packages fits you. All you have to do is show up and the hard work is done by us. Take it easy and have a fun racing!

Our karts are fast and safe, you can go up to 65MPH on straights and take up to 2G in the corners.

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Do you have a passion for motorsports and want to take it to the next level?

Join our karting academy and learn to race like a professional driver.

Accessible to children from 5 years old up to adults, our academy is the best way to improve your driving skills, acquire the right reflexes like a real racing driver.

Karting is a sport that requires training and regular practice. If you want to go far, and winning in competitions, this academy is definitely the good way to succeed.

We train weekly at the outdoor track of Opa-Locka (in the center of Miami) from monday to tuesday and at Homestead track (30mn from Miami) from Wednesday to Sunday.

We are waiting for you from 10 am to 4 pm, your kart will be ready under our tent. You come and stay as long as you want during the day;

For the first initiation session, our coach will teach you the basics of karting, and the essential safety rules. You will learn how to dress and equip yourself for the track. You will discover how to drive the kart (in case you don’t know it yet), how to brake at the right time, follow the lines on the track, how to overtake, etc.

Once you are ready to do laps, our coach will observe you, and give you all the advice and remarks you need to correct your mistakes and improve yourself.

You’ll be able to compare yourself with the other students in the class and race with each other. It’s the best way to progress.

Karting is an exciting sport, which will bring you much more than just a leisure activity: concentration, self-control, surpassing yourself, humility, a taste for victory, competitive spirit and respect for others. You will get to know the limit of yourself through karts.

You already have good racing skills, an important track record but you need support to go further?

We are looking every days for talents to expand our team. Our job is to make hopeful drivers grow up: we believe in our mission to transform a speed enthusiast into a real racing driver. Our team of mechanics and drivers coach is at your disposal to help you win, on and off the track.

Pole Position Motorsports provides professional race team support for the following series: SKUSA, WKA, USPKS Pro Series, ROK Cup USA and other local events.

Driver coaching and development program

One of our most prominent services that we offer to drivers is our Driver Coaching and Development program. We can setup private one-on-one dedicated driver coaching sessions with one of our driving professionals at one of our local track. Being a home track to Pole Position Motorsports, you are able to take advantage of our expertise by allowing us to instruct you on everything from racing lines, brake / throttle application, cornering, and more! Not only do we offer our driver coaching services locally but at all of the events that we attend.

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Maintenance & storage

Inside our warehouse space we are able to offer kart chassis storage to keep your equipment. our temperature controlled, secure facility to ensure your equipment doesn’t get corroded, rusted, or even worse stolen. We understand sometimes it is hard to keep your equipment in a garage at home or too costly to rent a storage unit. We have month to month or yearly plans available for our kart chassis storage.

We offers kart chassis maintenance and services. Whether you are just getting into karting and don’t know yet how to properly maintain your equipment or in this busy world you simply don’t have the time to prepare your equipment for the next upcoming event, we can have our experience technicians get you ready for your next track outing! Having our warehouse stocked with inventory and replacement parts we can get your kart back to normal in no time.

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Transportation & hospitality

Pole Position Motorsports is based in Miami. the exceptional weather conditions mean one of the only state with international tracks (Homestead, Sebring and Palm-Beach) are open all year round… No excuses for not training and practice regularly!

We are every week at the Homestead racetrack, only 30 minutes from Miami center, and we also organize training sessions at Opa Locka racetrack, in the heart of Miami.

During national competitions, we take our drivers across the country on the most famous and demanding races.

With access to our trailer with air-conditioned and engineer’s office, along with a tent space, we do everything possible and at your disposal to make you feel relaxed and focused on your race.

We make sure that drivers instantly feel at home in an ultra-professional environment.


Data & video analysis

When they are not on track, drivers spend their time watching videos of their races: they analyze every second to relive the race and understand what needs to be improved.

The data is also analyzed in great detail and is passed on to the mechanics who will make the necessary adjustments to the kart.

In today’s world of kart racing, Data Analysis is a huge asset to have in becoming a better driver and working on your race craft. At Pole Position Motorsports we offer our Data Analysis services at the racing events we attend at no extra charge to our tent program customers. This service is an added benefit to give our drivers a greater experience and learn the technical detail information about how to read what both the chassis and driver are doing on track through the data logging system and on-board video footage. This gives us the edge to hone in on each driver specifically to work with them in analyzing their on track performance all in just a few moments post session driver debriefing.